101 Women 500 Freestyle Prelims102 Men 500 Freestyle Prelims103 Women 200 IM Prelims104 Men 200 IM Prelims105 Men and Women 50 Freestyle Prelims106 Men 1-mtr Diving Prelims107 Men 1-mtr Diving Consols108 Women 500 Freestyle Finals109 Men 500 Freestyle Finals110 Men and Women 100 Freestyle Relay Finals111 Women 200 IM Finals112 Men 200 IM Finals113 Men and Women 50 Freestyle Finals114 Men 1-mtr Diving Finals115 Women 800 IM Relay116 Men 800 IM Relay201 Women 400 IM Prelims202 Men 400 IM Prelims203 Women 100 Butterfly Prelims204 Men 100 Butterfly Prelims205 Women 200 Freestyle Prelims206 Men 200 Freestyle Prelims207 Women 100 Breaststroke Prelims208 Men 100 Breaststroke Prelims209 Women 100 Backstroke Prelims210 Men 100 Backstroke Prelims211 Women 1-mtr Diving Prelims212 Women 1-mtr Diving Consols213 Men and Women 400 IM Relay214 Women 400 IM Finals215 Men 400 IM Finals216 Men and Women 100 Butterfly Finals217 Women 200 Freestyle Finals218 Men 200 Freestyle Finals219 Women 100 Breaststroke Finals220 Men 100 Breaststroke Finals221 Men and Women 100 Backstroke Finals222 Women 1-mtr Diving Finals223 Women 800 Freestyle Relay224 Men 800 Freestyle Relay301 Women 200 Backstroke Prelims302 Men 200 Backstroke Prelims303 Men and Women 100 Freestyle Prelims304 Women 200 Breaststroke Prelims305 Men 200 Breaststroke Prelims306 Women 200 Butterfly Prelims307 Men 200 Butterfly Prelims308 Men 3-mtr Diving Prelims309 Men 3-mtr Consols310 Women 1650 Freestyle Prelims311 Men 1650 Freestyle Prelims312 Women 1650 Freestyle Finals313 Men 1650 Freestyle Finals314 Women 200 Backstroke Finals315 Men 200 Backstroke Finals316 Men and Women 100 Freestyle Finals317 Men and Women 200 Breaststroke Finals318 Women 200 Butterfly Finals319 Men 200 Butterfly Finals320 Men 3-mtr Diving Finals321 Women 800 Medley Relay322 Men 800 Medley Relay323 PresentationsEvening Warmup Day 1Evening Warmup Day 2Evening Warmup Day 3FlagMorning Warmup Day 1Morning Warmup Day 3Senior AwardsTowson Victory Dive and UNCW Victory Swim