101 Brass Band of Northern Virginia201 Patrick Sheridan Group Warm-up202 Military Recital203 Chris Combest Recital204 Valdosta State University Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble205 Ramón Garavito, Jr. Recital206 The U.S. Army Field Band Tuba-Euphonium Section207 Brandon Smith Recital208 Bill Muter Masterclass209 The U.S. Navy Band Tuba-Euphonium Quartet and University of Tennessee-Knoxsville Volunteer Brass Quintet210 Daniel Ord Open Reading Session211 The U.S. Army Blues301 Danny Chapa Group Warm-up302 Military Recital303 The Leonard Falcone Euphonium and Tuba Festival Winners Recital304 University of North Georgia Low Brass Collective305 Alex Lapins Recital306 Drew Bonner and Kevin Fenske Lecture307 Stephanie Ycaza and Tim Buzbee Recital308 Jarret McCourt Lecture309 George Mason University Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble310 Jarret McCourt Open Reading Session311 The U.S. Army Orchestra401 Patricio Cosentino Group Warm-up402 Gretchen Renshaw James and Matthew Hightower Recital403 Florida State University Octet404 Keith Packman Recital405 Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Low Brass Section Masterclass406 Interservice Euphonium Ensemble407 James Madison University Brass Band408 Tim Buzbee Masterclass409 Richard Viglucci Open Reading Session410 Armed Forces Tuba Euphonium Ensemble411 The U.S. Army Concert BandFlag