A New Bruce the Squirrel 030815Baby Squirrel 060810Birdhouse and Squirrels 042913Birdhouse and Squirrels 050213Black Squirrel at Clydes Alexandria 090911Bruce and George Squirrels Reaching for the Peanuts 110413Bruce and Squirrel Friend Building a Nest 050914Bruce the Squirrel 042114Bruce the Squirrel and Friend Close-up 082413Bruce the Squirrel in the Snow 021414Bruce the Squirrel on the Toughbook 042015George the Squirrel with a Peanut 020521Opposite Facing Squirrels 062217Snow and Bruce the Squirrel in the Treehouse 012115Squirrel 010112Squirrel 011715Squirrel 041808Squirrel 062411Squirrel 081213Squirrel 112811Squirrel and Claw Close-up 082313Squirrel and the Avocado Nut 020112Squirrel and Woodpecker Eating the Suet in the Treehouse 062521Squirrel Building a Nest for Winter 121815Squirrel Face Close-up 122413Squirrel in Birdfeeder - Tiny House Living 053014Squirrel in the Apple Tree 042611Squirrel in the Snow 021515Squirrel in the Snow 120813Squirrel in the Treehouse 090520Squirrel in the Tulip Tree 052006Squirrel in the Tulip Tree 091920Squirrel on Deck Railing 081106Squirrel on Playground Fence - March 12 2011Squirrel on the Deck Railing 041810Squirrel on the Fence 052806Squirrel Under the Apple Tree 041111Squirrel with a Nut in the Treehouse 072813Squirrel with an Apple 062815Squirrel with Mushrooms at Mason Pond 080909Squirrel with Swelling on Neck 060116Squirrel with Swelling on Neck and Cat Sleeping 042914Squirrel with Swelling on Neck and Cuts 091014Squirrel Without Ears 021214Squirrels 2004-2005Squirrels 012014Squirrels 022115Squirrels 030614Squirrels 032913Squirrels 040620Squirrels 040913Squirrels 043013Squirrels 062213Squirrels 062711Squirrels 080413Squirrels 082314Squirrels 090913Squirrels 112813Squirrels and Birds on Christmas Day 122513Squirrels and Blue Jays in the Treehouse 082220Squirrels and the Peanut Cup in the Snow 031714Squirrels Close-up and Peanuts in the Snow 030314Squirrels in the Rain and Snow 033014Squirrels in the Snow 010615Squirrels in the Snow 012114Squirrels in the Snow 030515Squirrels in the Snow at the Birdhouse 021314Squirrels in the Snowy Treehouse 031222Squirrels Playing with 7-Eleven Soda Cup Puzzle and Peanuts 032714Squirrrels 123011Squrirrel 042015Wounded Squirrel 011014